Wilson Staff Launch Pad FY Golf Hybrid

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Wilson Staff Launch Pad FY Golf Hybrid
Hit Straighter Shots With Effortless Launch

Wilson Staff Launch Pad FY Hybrids are designed with lightweight components, a moderate hosel offset and an optimized loft-to-length ratio, making them easy to hit, with incredible feel and impressive distance.

The slice is solved thanks to the Launch Pad FY Hybrid being designed with a moderate hosel offset. Combined with 13grams of weight in the sole of the club, this promotes a closed face at impact and neutralizes any fade bias. With an optimized setup, Wilson testing shows that this is the easiest-to-hit combination of loft and club length for 10+ handicap players. The FY Hybrid is currently the only club on the market at 41 inches long and 19.5 degrees of loft.

Seriously fast, the lightweight components including the head, shaft and grip result in a super lightweight hybrid. This extremely light weight translates into an effortless increase in club head speed for greater launch angles and distance.