Wilson Duo Professional Dozen

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If you're a player seeking more feel these golf balls could be perfect for you, with a super low 60 compression for an incredible feel at impact. The balls offer just as much distance performance as a competitive 3-piece golf ball and 6% more iron spin, for a Tour-level performance.

The DUO Professional Ball Features:

  • Low 60 Compression
  • 362 Seamless Dimple Pattern
  • Cast Urethane Cover
  • Mid-Hardness Ionomer Mantle

Performance Layers

For enhanced distance and long ball flight trajectory, the DUO ball features a 362-seamless dimple pattern, plus has a cast urethane cover for optimum spin control and scuff resistance. The ball also benefits from a mid-hardness ionomer mantle, for a soft feel and better control on short irons and wedge shots.