Srixon Z Star Diamond 12 Golf Balls

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The new Z-Star Diamond delivers greenside control and long-game distance, with the added benefit of increased spin on long and mid-iron shots.

Key Features:

  • New FastLayer Core
  • New Spin Skin with SeRM
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • 90+ MPH / Mid-High Launch

FastLayer Core

The advanced core construction with premium mantle cover produces a combination of faster ball speeds and a soft feel, for maximum performance. By making the inner core softer and progressively harder towards the outer edges, with a premium mantle cover to help the ball snap back into shape. Ball speed increases with low driver spin for long-distance performance.

Spin Skin with SeRM

This new thicker thermoplastic urethane cover produces more friction on the face of the golf club for better approach and short game spin control. SeRm further revolutionises spin, this extremely resilient urethane cover utilises moveable Polymer Cross-Linking, and provides an even softer cover that will dig into your clubhead grooves to greatly enhance spin.

338 Dimple Pattern

The 338 dimple pattern provides the optimum combination of occupancy and dimple uniformity to create even less aerodynamic drag and more lift. The result is longer distances with a mid-high ball flight on full shots, even in tough windy golf course conditions.