Srixon AD333 Pure White Golf Balls

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AD333 delivers incredible distance performance and feel in a lower-compression, 2-piece design. With a slightly lower compression and softer cover than the last generation, the AD333 provides more distance, feel, and control than ever before.

FastLayer uses a contrasting compression effect across the core to generate better ball speeds and distance. But for this generation, we gently lowered the compression to promote longer, straighter flight on low-lofted clubs and a satisfying, softer feel on Iron and Wedge shots.

Made from highly flexible molecular bonds, Spin Skin is a specialized coating thats designed to dig deeper into club face grooves and maximize spin for more control and stopping power.

Our Speed Dimple Pattern helps AD333 punch through the air upon launch and continue to generate lift once airborne. This pattern also promotes a low drag coefficient to help the ball stay on target in tough conditions.