Odyssey TRI-HOT 5K Putter

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The Tri-Hot 5K range has been constructed to improve performance by reducing the amount of side spin on off-centre hits. Odyssey have achieved this through a 303 stainless steel front section that includes the hosel and face area. This material has been finish milled to exact shape and weight, helping to keep the CG forward. This means that putts will remain closer to the original line, with a much tighter dispersion, and a greater chance to go in on less-than-perfect strikes. The Tri-Hot putters also have interchangeable front weights that allow you to dial in the head weight in to be ideally suited to you. They are available in aluminium, steel and tungsten with each material weighing a significantly different amount from the others.


  • High Performance and Tight Dispersion From Stainless Steel Front
  • Unprecedented Forgiveness For A Blade and Improved Roll From Tungsten Front Weights
  • Interchangeable Front Weights
  • Legendary White Hot insert
  • Red Stroke Lab Shaft