Mizuno Thermo Beanie 20

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This Mizuno Breath Thermo beanie will provide essential heat and breathability that will keep you want and sweat-free during the colder conditions.

Available in four colours, the Breath Thermo fabric is used in a lot of their ski wear to provide thermal insulation with the breathability that will ensure total comfort in the coldest of weather.

Breath Thermo is a remarkable heat-generating fabric with a thermal insulation mechanism that absorbs body moisture and uses it to generate heat.

Heat Generating Technology
Mizuno’s revolutionary thermal fabric ideally suited as an unrestrictive body layer for extreme winter sports. Exothermic properties allow Breath Thermo to absorb moisture released by the body and turn it into heat.

Breath Thermo yarn does more than insulate – it generates heat. Using the smallest amount of vapour released from the body.