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Callaway Chrome Soft X 2020 Golf Balls 

Over the last decade the Callaway Chromesoft X golf ball has consistently been one of the best premium golf balls in an extremely competitive market and is used extensively by the best players in the world on the European and PGA tours. Rather than bask in their success and leave it as it was Callaway's R&D team decided they could make it better. The 2020 version of the Callaway Chromesoft X has been completely re-engineered making an already great ball even better. Callaway have made the centre core larger and faster creating ball speeds at the pinnacle of what is currently available. The resultant ball flight sees a higher launch with lower spin which adds up to longer, straighter drives which is something every golfer would like. 

Energy transfer from the club to the ball has been made more efficient by the use of a new Ionomer blend and the golf ball’s overall consistency of flight has been improved by new compounded additives. A thinner urethane cover has been used on the Callaway Chrome Soft 2020 Golf Ball, which has increased feel and control around the greens but not at the expense of durability. The Chromesoft X golf ball remains one of the most durable premium balls available. The optimised Aerodynamic design causes less drag as the ball soars making this version of Chromesoft X the longest yet. 

If you are a golfer that wants maximum distance, increased workability & control, a consistent trajectory and optimised aerodynamics then the Callaway Chrome Soft X 2020 Golf Ball ticks all the boxes. 


  • Completely re-engineered for 2020 
  • Higher launching & lower spinning 
  • Thinnest ever urethane cover produces superb greenside feel & control 
  • Extremely durable 
  • Increased workability